SuRe Certification in China: Andehu Town

Background and objective

The SuRe® certification integrates sustainability and resilience into the infrastructure development of Andehu Town. Obtaining a SuRe® certification for Andehu is an important step for the Sustainable Infrastructure Alliance, which, as a project, aims to create a market for sustainable infrastructure standards based on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria in China, India and Indonesia.

The Andehu Town is located in Qihe County, Dezhou City, in Shandong, China. The project was established on December 25th, 2014, by Andehu Investment Development Co., Ltd, with a capital cost of of US$ 326 million. As a commercial real estate project, it integrates residences, care facilities, education, leisure and cultural tourism. Andehu Town was under construction when applying for the SuRe® certification in 2019. The scope of certification is composed of Southeast Block and Northeast Block 30/31 with a total land area of 358,098 m2 and construction area of 513,497.5 m2.

Andehu Town and SuRe®

The benefits of a SuRe® certification include potential reduction in costs through energy saving, material efficiency, more effective waste and risk management, and improved reputation.

With its design following the two-star level of Assessment Standard for Green Building issued in China, which covers the requirements of safety and durability, health and comfort, occupant convenience, resources saving, environment livability and promotion and innovation, the project took a life cycle approach and incorporated resilience planning in its management. In addition, requirements such as respecting human rights, non-discrimination, protection of employees’ health and safety, and transparency of payment for migrant workers have been defined in the project contracts with suppliers. To improve the local ecological system, the project includes an artificial lake and wetlands, and has introduced different native species. Based on the comprehensive assessment of Environmental, Social and Governance performance, the Southeast Block and Northeast Block 30/31 of Andehu Town have been awarded a SuRe® Bronze certificate. Andehu became the world’s first SuRe® certified project in April 2020.

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