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Financing Opportunity: Rushan City Coastal Comprehensive Restoration Projects, Weihai City, People’s Republic of China

This project is an important model for a climate change adaptation project. The project implementation will increase the protection to the coastal area and its residents. It is estimated 120,000 people in the town and surrounding region will be positively impacted by the project, and half million people in Rushan will be
indirect beneficiaries:

  • Rehabilitation of coastline by removing pollution sources along the shoreline which will improve the environment in the coastal area and improve sea water quality;
  • Restoration of the beach and the building of an ecological revetment will protect the shoreline from storm surge damage;
  • Demolition of abandoned aquaculture ponds and facilities along the coast will restore the natural marine environment; and
  • Reconstruction of original aquaculture area will provide recreation facilities to local residents and increase their quality of life