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Solid Waste Management – Briefing on China Green Development

The world is accelerating urbanization and the population is keeping growth. But the rubbish growth far exceeds the population growth. Solid waste has become a very common concern in lots of cities across the globe. China is one of the countries with the largest population and produces the largest amount of solid waste in the world. On the one hand, due to its extensive production and consumption, it faces problems such as large solid waste generation, high pollution intensity, inadequate utilization, and poor refinement and disposal, etc. Its solid waste management is still going far behind from the developed countries. On the other hand, however, with the rapid flow of waste streams in the past three decades, China cities’ solid waste treatment technology has also kept improving. And the country has erected an environmental legal framework, and raised its public environmental awareness. Despite of the achievements, China still faces many challenges ahead in urban solid waste management.