Sixth German Local Business Advisory Council on corporate decarbonization in China

As a key instrument for the business-to-government exchange, the German Local Business Advisory Council (BAC) meeting took place for the 6th time on 18 November 2021. The BAC meeting brought together German energy related industries in China and representatives from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) as well as the German Embassy in Beijing to discuss recent developments, challenges and opportunities in China’s energy industry.

The meeting was centered around corporate decarbonization strategies as the Chinese central government had issued several top-level policies and action plans to achieve its carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goal. Speakers from the Carbon Neutrality Committee of the China Association of Circular Economy (CACE) and Deloitte provided an overview on China’s policy framework and strategic considerations for corporate decarbonization. Moreover, forerunners from the industry summarized necessary steps and measures to designing and implementing business strategies for reaching carbon neutrality.

The open discussion stimulated insightful perspective on China’s climate goals and the impact on businesses. While it became clear in the discussions that corporate decarbonization strategies have become a success factor for businesses, many participants expressed concern about crucial challenges stemming from the switch to green energy procurement and greening of supply chains.

The Sino-German Energy Partnership will revise the perceived challenges from the BAC meeting and reflect them in the design of future activities. This will provide support and value for the German energy industry in China by integrating in political dialogue agenda and future implementation of project activities.

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About the German Local Business Advisory Council

The German Local Business Advisory Council (BAC) is a key instrument for the business-to-government exchange for German companies in China and the German Federal Government. Established under the Sino-German Energy Partnership, its bi-annual meetings enable German energy and related industries to communicate challenges and barriers that they experience in the Chinese market. The EP activities, including working group meetings, business roundtables and workshops will integrate the key findings from the BAC meetings for a better market and business environment.

Sino-German Energy Partnership

The Sino-German Energy Partnership links three levels of action: high-level policy dialogue, business-to-government exchange and an exchange of experiences on technical and regulatory solutions that promote the energy transition. The main aim of the partnership is to foster and advance the far-reaching and profound energy transitions ongoing in both China and Germany by exchanging views, best practices and knowledge on the development of a sustainable energy system, primarily centered on improving energy efficiency and expanding the use of renewable energy.