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Environment and circular economy transition in China

画说生物降解地膜 旱直播水稻 Graphic: Biodegradable Mulch Film Application on Dry Direct Seeding Rice (Only Chinese Version)

中德农业塑料升级管理项目产出,内容来自中国农业科学院环境与和可持续发展研究所《地膜漫谈》,用画册的方式有趣清晰的介绍了内蒙古的地膜使用情况,传统聚乙烯地膜土壤残留的危害,生物降解地膜的特点及选购须知等。同时,还对旱直播水稻的特别之处及生物降解地膜在该种类作物上的应用优势进行简要阐述。 图片来源:《地膜漫谈》 Project output by Sino-German Project for Upgrading Plastics Management un Agriculture. The main contents are digested from A Glimpse of Mulch Film by Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science. Through a vivid approach, this graphic brochure introduce the status quo of mulch film application in Inner […]