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Environment and circular economy transition in China

The 17th International Conference on Waste Management and Technology

Building Zero-waste Cities is a concrete action to fully implement Xi Jinping’s thought on ecological civilization, an important measure to promote synergy and efficiency in reducing pollution and carbon emissions, and an inherent requirement for building a beautiful China. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, China will build Zero-waste Cities in 100 prefecture-level cities to […]

Food Waste Treatment Technology Evaluation – Case Analysis

Food Waste – Research Background Food waste mainly refers to perishable domestic waste containing organic matter, including household food waste, restaurant food waste and other food waste. Household food waste is produced in residents’ daily life such as leftovers and waste food; Restaurant food waste is food residues and processing wastes generated by relevant enterprises […]


China Integrated Waste Management NAMA Support Project (China IWM NSP) has adjusted its “modes of delivery” and started organising online trainings for its major stakeholders. The first event took place on March 24 and provided private sector actors with an opportunity to learn more about the process of organic waste treatment focusing on available technologies and specific case-studies, attracting approximately 60 practitioners to enrol in the “remote class”.