Although the use of polyethylene mulch film has contributed greatly to agricultural production and the safe supply of agricultural products. Its long-term application has also brought about problems of mulch film residues, which have damaged soil structure, stunted crop growth and affected farming operations. In the face of new problems, some new opportunities have emerged, […]

Comparison of Traditional and Biodegradable Agricultural Mulch Film Used in China (Chinese Version) 中国传统地膜与全生物降解地膜的比较研究


Scoping Study Workshop on “Digitization to Advance Sustainability”

Digitalization has made its way into many aspects of people’s everyday life, significantly changing economic, societal and cultural patterns. Fair access to and secure use of data and technology are key factors for viable economic development and social growth. At the same time, the commitment for carbon neutrality and biodiversity protection requires to reimagine well-established […]

The 17th International Conference on Waste Management and Technology

Building Zero-waste Cities is a concrete action to fully implement Xi Jinping’s thought on ecological civilization, an important measure to promote synergy and efficiency in reducing pollution and carbon emissions, and an inherent requirement for building a beautiful China. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, China will build Zero-waste Cities in 100 prefecture-level cities to […]

沼气和生物天然气行业标准研究报告(Chinese Only)

Establish a biogas standard system in China, and regulate and guide the research and preparation of biogas standards at the macro level To regulate and guide the research and preparation of biogas standards, and to promote the biogas standard chemical industry in a systematic manner.