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Environment and circular economy transition in China


2022 Green Recycled Plastics Supply Chain—Sino-European Chemical Recycling Seminar

July 29

In the existing plastics waste treatment system, limitations existed among the mechanical recycling due to the extremely complex composition of plastic waste. At the same time, incineration (i.e. energy recovery) has encountered new challenges in the context of resource shortage and climate change. Chemical recycling, as a new technology, can minimize the loss of resources and reduce CO2 emissions, broadening the types of plastics that can be recycled and improve the quality and efficiency of recyclates, which is an effective way to supplement the current system.

However, chemical recycling itself has different deficiency to be solved, such as high difficulty in matching waste composition with requirements on feedstock, high investment in technology and equipment, the scaling has not yet been achieved, and its economic value needs to be improved. GIZ in cooperation with Green Recycling Plastic Supply Chain Group (GRPG) will host a half-day discussion alongside the Forum to systematically present the opportunities and challenges of chemical recycling, to understand the strategies and needs of different countries, the existing standards and laws in China, and the current and planned practices of companies.

TIME: JULY 29, 08:00 -11:30 am (CET)

Online Participants: Clink Here to Join the meeting. Or Join the Meeting by ZOOM meeting number: 849 2355 1138 Password: 095332