Moving Forward Together – Gender-Integrative Approaches for Decarbonising Mobility in Asia

In the context of a sustainable mobility transition and the ambition not to leave anybody behind on the road to sustainable development, this paper explores the role which women and gender-specific mobility behaviour play in the decarbonisation of the transport sector in Asia. The paper examines the key drivers behind transport preferences and behaviour based […]

中国交通运输行业气候目标及行动建议 [中文版]

本研究从运输规模、运输装备及基础设施规模发展等方面系统分析了中国交通运输发展现状,并基于能源消费情况评估了交通运输碳排放现状。同时,本研究就中国交通运输行业的主要气候目标和政策措施进行了梳理,并识别出中国交通运输领域碳减排面临的主要问题与挑战。 此外,德国和欧盟在交通运输行业温室气体减排方面设置了雄心勃勃的目标,且已有诸多尝试探索和成功经验。本研究总结了他们的主要减排目标和关键举措,并就交通气候目标制定、减排策略及路径、减排措施建议等方面对中德在气候政策、能源战略、可持续交通、民航技术、城市交通、地方交通运输等领域的专家进行了深度访谈,结合中国交通运输当前形势和发展实际,进一步提出中国交通运输行业在优化运输结构,引导绿色出行,提高能源效率和进一步推广新能源使用等方面可采取的措施和行动建议。为推动中国交通运输行业制定节能减排低碳政策,尽早实现碳达峰提供决策依据和参考。

Climate Goals and Recommendations for Action in China’s Transport Sector [EN]

This research systematically analyzes the status quo of China’s transport development in terms of transport volume, equipment and infrastructure development, and then assesses the status quo of transport-related carbon emissions based on energy consumption. This research further summarizes major climate targets, as well as policies and measures in China’s transport sector, and identifies major challenges […]