Urban & Rural Transport

Cities are strongly affected by the negative consequences of growing both passenger and freight transport volumes. The often car-centric development of cities comes along with congestion, air pollution, carbon emissions, road accidents, noise and thus negative impacts to people’s health and a general deterioration of life quality. To make urban transport and mobility more sustainable and the cities more livable, human-centered city and mobility planning is needed. This includes the promotion of barrier-free public transport, walking, cycling and other forms of micro-mobility and the sustainable integration of new mobility services into the existing public transport networks. To ensure a just transition towards more sustainable mobility and to promote urban-rural integration, also the mobility needs of the rural population need to be strongly considered.

Facts & Figures

million private passenger cars on Chinese roads in 2019
0 m
shared bicycles in the Chinese capital Beijing in 2019
0 %
of the Chinese population lived in cities in 2020
km of urban rail in Chinese cities in 2019

News & Articles

Active Mobility Alliance for Better Cities

China, with a total of 10.5 Gt of CO2 in 2018, is the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases (GHG)[1]. Transport accounts for about 10 percent of those emissions and in particular road transport poses a big challenge to the people: The number of vehicles on

The Beijing Dialogue – Future Urban Transport & Mobility

Against the background of global climate change, cities around the world are under immense pressure to make their transport systems more sustainable and climate friendly. Electro-mobility, ride-hailing, shared- and micro-mobility, autonomous driving and Big Data-based smart city and traffic management applications are offering opportunities to

2020 EB-PAC National New Energy Bus Performance Evaluation Competition

The transport sector in China needs to start outlining intermediate efforts to play its role in reaching the recently set long-term target: carbon neutrality by 2060 as announced by China’s President Xi Jinping on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 during his speech at the General Debate


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The MobiliseYourCity Partnership is a global and inclusive network of cities and countries as well as a sectorial umbrella of international cooperation particularly related to the field of sustainable urban mobility; the Partnership is strongly supported by the European Commission, the German Government, the French Government. Find further information at: