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Beijing Dialogue – Vision of Future Urban Transport and Mobility

Beijing, December 23rd 2020

Globally but in particular in China, the transport sector is undergoing a holistic transformation. Digitalization and Big Data, platform economy, new players in the field of mobility services and the emergence of new technologies are changing the transport sector landscape. Along with these opportunities comes the increasing unpredictability of how the future of transport and mobility will look like and which climate and environmental impacts are associated with these emerging trends. In particular for policymakers it is difficult to foresee the medium- to long-term impacts of the described trends and thus to assess which measures are needed to unlock the potentials of the transport and mobility transition and to mitigate related risks.

To assess how the future of transport and mobility in Beijing could look like, the GIZ China project “Sino-German Cooperation on Low Carbon Transport” together with the Beijing Transport Institute (BTI) and German Think Tank Agora Verkehrswende jointly initiated the workshop series “The Beijing Dialogue – Future Urban Transport & Mobility”. The aim of the Beijing Dialogue series is to find out and to align a common vision of the future of urban transport and to discuss with all relevant stakeholders which political measures need to be taken today in order to obtain accessible, affordable and low carbon urban transport and liveable cities in the future.