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Carsharing Services in Emerging Economies – New Technical Document published

The latest SUTP Technical Document on Carsharing in Emerging Economies has now been published. It aims to evaluate the potential, as well as the necessary political support structure, for the implementation of carsharing services in emerging economies. Beginning with a basic introduction to the function and benefits of carsharing, the paper identifies key success factors and best practice of mature carsharing markets.

Since insufficient governmental support as well as a low level of public awareness are central challenges for the development of carsharing systems, the purpose of this document is to not only raise the publicity and understanding of carsharing in emerging economies, but also to provide best practice guidance for local authorities that aim to find suitable solutions to the negative impacts of increasing motorised individual transport. It also includes a practitioner’s contribution from the City of Bremen, one of the leading municipalities in Germany with regard to support for carsharing schemes. The report has been prepared in cooperation with GIZ projects based in the PR China.

The document can be downloaded here.