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China Transport Sector Policy Briefing 2020, Issue 2

The newest issue of our China Transport Sector Policy Briefing is here! The Sustainable Mobility Team at GIZ in China provides you with regular summaries of important policies in China’s transport sector.

Inside this issue of the China Transport Sector Policy Briefing

As China has slowly been regaining some kind of normalcy after the break induced by COVID-19, the built-up policy decision-making processes for 2020 have come into full swing in April and May. Below you will find Issue 2 of the China Transport Sector Policy Briefing 2020, with summaries of highly relevant and exciting developments in April and May.

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Selected highlights of this Issue are:

  • The economic slump caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has put a buffer on China’s economic and infrastructure ambitions. The National People’s Congress and the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, China’s two annual comprehensive planning sessions, have finally been held in late May. Each year, the Government Work Report is published at their end and summarizes economic and social achievements from the previous year as well as the general direction for the current fiscal year. This year, the Work Report focuses on so-called “new infrastructure”, meaning EV charging infrastructure, communication infrastructure, but also rail infrastructure (Article #7).
  • The nationwide mandatory implementation of the long-awaited emissions standard CHINA VI, comparable to Euro 6, has been pushed back by half a year (Article #11).
  • The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced it plans for standardization in the field of NEVs (Article #3) and ICVs (Article #4) in 2020.

In addition, you find further summaries on the detailed amendments to the delayed phase-out of NEV subsidies (Article #1) and NEV purchase tax exemption (Article #2), further incentive measures implemented by local governments to boost car sales (Article #5), their hydrogen industries (Article #6), and EV charging infrastructure (Article #8), a transport development plan for the integration of the Yangtze River Delta with the size of Germany (Article #9), modal shift in the Port of Tianjin (Article #10), a new law on battery recycling (Article #12), and the promotion of digital delivery notes for the transportation of dangerous goods (Article #13).

The whole Policy Briefing Team wishes you to stay healthy and safe!