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Establish and Implement an Evaluation System for Multimodal Freight Transport Hub Management in China

Multimodal Freight Transport Hubs (MFTH) are an essential knot in in the infrastructure connectivity of China’s modern intermodal transport development. In 2016, eighteen government agencies including the MoT and NDRC have issued the “Notice on Further Encouraging the Development of Intermodal Transport,” which specifically emphasised the development of MFTH.

Although there are several MFTHs in China, their development is unbalanced. Neither the MoT nor MFTH operators have a unified evaluation tool to analyse their management performance as well as their environmental impacts.

This project, conducted in cooperation with the Transport Planning and Research Institute (TPRI) of the MoT, provides such an MFTH evaluation system. Adjusted to local conditions and China’s strategic development requirements, it puts particular emphasis on environmental and climate indicators. The project report also documents its four pilot applications and gives further policy recommendations for relevant stakeholders.

Key project outputs have also been reflected in the “14th Five Year Plan for the Development of Comprehensive Transport Services” under the task of “improving the comprehensive transport hub service level.”