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GIZ China Releases Study on Quantifying GHG Emissions of Urban Transport

On October 23rd, the Sino-German Project on Transport Demand Management (TDM) in Beijing released the study “Balancing Transport Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Cities – A Review of Practices in Germany”. It was conducted by the IFEU Institute – a leading think tank on sustainable transport in Germany – and gives a comprehensive review of basic principles and current practice. The objective of the study is to understand processes and methodologies applied by German cities (and London) to quantify GHG emissions in urban transport. It further gives first recommendations for the development of inventories and reduction scenarios for Beijing and other Chinese cities.

The study is a sourcebook for those who work on emission quantification in urban transport in China but also other countries. It includes the following chapters: 1. Basics for calculation of GHG emissions from transport activities 2. Emission factor databases and inventory models 3. GHG balancing methods 4. GHG balancing practice for Transport in German cities and London 5. Recommendations for Beijing

The TDM project is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and jointly implemented of GIZ China and the Beijing Transport Research Center. The project is currently developing an emission model for transport activities in China.