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Meeting on Low Emission Zones in Germany at BMCT

Axel Friedrich, former Head of Transport and Noise Division at the German Federal Environmental Protection Agency, visited Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport (BMCT) on 6 June 2013 and presented “The development experiences of Low Emission Zones in Germany”. Participants from the research office and congestion mitigation division of BMCT highly appreciated learning about the German experience. The following discussion was characterized by diverse questions regarding local challenges.

Axel Friedrich summarized his recommendations for Beijing in two main objectives:

1) Low Emission Zones (Environmental Zones) are a potential solution to effectively reduce air pollution in Beijing.

2) Low Emission Zones should be combined with other Transport Demand Management policies (e.g. parking management) to simultaneously reduce serious congestion in the Chinese capital.

Download the full presentation of Axel Friedrich here:

“The Development Experiences of Low Emission Zone in Germany”