On September 19th, 2019, the Outline for Building China’s Strength in Transport was released. The document was approved by the Communist Party of China Central Committee (CPCCC) and the State Council and describes the future vision and roadmap of China’s transport sector with a clear message: China wants to become a global transport superpower by 2050.

The original text of the policy can be found here.

The first mention to the Outline for Building China’s Strength in Transport dates back to January 18th, 2017, when the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) held a kick-off meeting on “strategic research on China’s strength in transportation”. The policy was since then elaborated by a drafting group headed by Vice Premier Liu He and was coordinated by the Ministry of Transport of the Government of the People’s Republic of China (MoT) with the support of relevant departments of the State Council and local governments. More than ten research institutions, including the CAE were involved in the drafting process.