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Soot Free Cities: European City Ranking

Air pollution is not just a Chinese problem: The campaign “Soot free for the Climate!” is launching an European City Ranking on air pollution in European metropolises. The ranking mainly focuses on efforts made to reduce particulate matter (PM10) and soot, or black carbon. To demonstrate that many local solutions to improve air quality exist and to find out how cities use these solutions are the main objectives of this initiative.

How polluted is your European City? Click here for the European City Ranking.

The ranking focuses on nine categories of measures which have a high potential to reduce particulate matter (PM10), such as technical reduction measures, economic instruments, reduction success, participation as well as sustainable transport measures.

Air pollution affects our health and environment. Soot, or black carbon contributes to global warming. Under current EU law, local authorities are committed to adopt measures to reduce air pollution and to comply with air quality limit values for several pollutants. More background information about the “Soot free for the Climate!” campaign can be found here.