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Workshop on Feasibility of Carsharing Concepts in China

On the 8th of August, the Research Institute of Highway (RIOH) and GIZ jointly organised a workshop on the feasibility of carsharing concepts in China, which took place in Beijing. The aim of the workshop was to analyse and discuss the legal framework for the development of carsharing in China and to identify hindering as well as facilitating policy fields. Participants included representatives from various provincial and municipal transport authorities across China as well as carsharing operators, such as car2go and EduoAuto.

Subsequent to the introduction of carsharing and its development in Germany, RIOH provided an overview of market trends and different carsharing business models. In addition, the research institute presented the interim results of the policy study “Feasibility of Carsharing Concepts in China: Analysis of the Political and Legal Framework”, which aims to assist local practitioners and carsharing operators in recognising and overcoming legal issues that may affect the introduction of carsharing concepts. Based on RIOH’s presentation, the workshop participants led a lively discussion on the impacts of carsharing on urban transport and environment as well as the necessity of governmental support to promote this new and innovative mobility service.

Mentioned by several workshop participants, the lack of transparency regarding parking policies and the scarcity of parking spaces in urban areas were identified as major challenges for carsharing in China. Moreover, governmental support was considered as a requirement in cities, which have introduced restrictions and regulations on motorised individual transport, such as car license limitations and driving ban days. Altogether, the workshop participants agreed on the potential of carsharing to contribute to sustainable transport in China, highlighted opportunities for extensive cooperation and emphasized the importance of promoting carsharing.

The final results of the policy study on carsharing in China will be published by RIOH in autumn 2014.