Energy Efficiency Policy in Germany

In times when Climate neutrality towards the middle of this century, or in the decade after, in many countries world-wide, energy efficiency policy is more than just a pillar in climate neutrality but the essential ingredient to make other policies more powerful and acceptable such as renewables policies, the hydrogen economy as well as a […]

Data centre flexibility in Germany and China

Data centres have significant potential to improve energy efficiency, to operate flexibly and to use renewable energy. Since data centre capacity and electricity demand are expected to rise significantly, this potential will only grow—targeted policies are required to tap into it. Various studies show a broad portfolio of technologies and measures available to data centres […]

Flexibility Technologies and Measures in the German Power System

The analysis “Flexibility Measures in the German Power System” is published by the German Energy Agency (dena) in the framework of the Sino-German Energy Transition Project. The project supports the exchange between Chinese government think tanks and German research institutions to strengthen the Sino-German scientific exchange on the energy transition and share German energy transition […]

Energy Efficiency Networks in Germany

The report “Energy Efficiency Networks in Germany” provides an introduction to the German Energy Efficiency Networks Initiative and discusses experiences and best-practices from the operation of such networks in Germany.The report is published in the framework of the Sino-German Cooperation Field on Energy Efficiency Networks. The Cooperation Field, as part of the Sino-German Energy Partnership […]

BMWi Energy Transition Newsletter 09.2021 (Chinese Version)

The BMWi Energy Transition Newsletter in Chinese is based on the German Energiewende Direct Newsletter published by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). As agreed with BMWi, the Sino-German Energy Partnership selects the interesting topics, translates and publishes them together with the Chinese implementation partner National Energy Conservation Centre (NECC). The […]

Business Models of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) in Germany

The report “Business Models of Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) in Germany” offers key insights about the development of VPPs in Germany and its contribution to power system flexibility, through conducting case studies of VPP business models and analysing the key power market and regulatory framework, in which VPPs are embedded; 2) reflects on key enabling […]

Towards a more effective, low-carbon energy system in China

This report introduces the working progress of the Sino-German Energy Transition Project (EnTrans) in 2021, including a brief introduction about the project and its focus topics, such as distributed energy, power market reform, sector coupling ect. All content has been prepared with the greatest possible care and is provided in good faith. The assumptions, views […]