German electricity market capacity adequacy study shows how Germany successfully handles clean energy within the European electricity market

Author: Anders Hove (侯安德)Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Project Director of Sino-German Energy Partnership . A German government-funded study shows that Germany has adequate resources through 2030. The report uses a complex and sophisticated methodology to estimate the loss-of-load probability (LOLP), while accounting for both rising shares of variable wind and solar power as well as […]

Power markets: China’s spot markets gradually start to take shape

China’s current phase of electric power market reforms kicked off in 2015, when authorities announced plans to establish market-based mid- to long-term contracts for electricity, leading eventually to establishment of market for spot-trading of electricity and ancillary services (such as load-following, voltage support, and regulation services). These reforms were motivated by the desire to rationalize […]

Markets are Key to Power Sector Flexibility

As part of its energy transition, the German Government has set itself the target to reach near carbon-neutrality by 2050. China wants to peak its greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. In the first half of 2019, 44% of Germany’s power demand was covered by renewable energy. The share of renewables is to rise even further […]