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The optimization and promotion policy for a shore-to-ship power supply system in the port of Tianjin

This report presents a comparative analysis of shore-to-ship power supply systems in Tianjin Port and other selected leading ports worldwide. Ports were interviewed that act as leaders in the development and application of shore-to-ship power: Hamburg, Vancouver, Gothenburg and Trelleborg. These interviews were complemented by a literature review, which enabled the port of Los Angeles to be included in the analysis. The experience of the Port of Vancouver shows that it is possible to develop a voluntary shore-to-ship power system with sufficient incentives for almost all cruise ships to use the system for all their port calls. The example of the Port of Los Angeles is particularly important, because it demonstrates the conditions under which general commercial shipping will convert to shore-to-ship power.

This report also makes recommendations for measures to address these barriers. A combined set of measures featuring regulation and support for shipowners, ship operators and Tianjin Port is required to ensure the extensive use of shore-to-ship power.