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Sino- German/ EU Urban Renewal Technology Forum was Successfully Held in Chengdu

As the urbanization rate in China reaches around 60% and quality becomes priority for people living in urban areas, the theme of this year is renewal and inheritance—new paradigm of urbanization. Some speakers include: 

  • Mr. Thomas Kraubitz mainly talked about urban renewal policy in Germany including the governmental structure, financing programmes and public participation. He also introduced case studies in Berlin and in Ruhr area.
  • Mrs. Liao Weitao from CRRC introduced their project of renewal of the old rollingstock manufactory. An abandoned train was transformed into a book bar, and the old factory was transformed into a recreational place. Residential buildings will be built around this area. To maintain some souvenir of these previous workers of the factory, some boulevards and signs were remained there.

Mr. Bo Hongtao, chief architect from CCTN Design, presented their project of regenerating Shougang, the old steel factory in suburb Beijing into a place for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The new plan includes commercial buildings, museums, green spaces and recreational areas. Unlike other regeneration projects of industrial sites in the world which were mainly transformed into only museums, Shougang will be more lively as it will serve as the platform for winter Olympics and concerts etc.

Sino-German Urbanisation Partnership

The partnership is working to influence political dialogue to address the challenges created by a fast-paced urbanization process and climate change in both China and Germany. It aims to create platforms for cross-city institutional exchange of experiences, facilitate knowledge exchange and promote capacity building that can drive the development of joint solutions to these challenges. Key targets of the exchange are to reduce CO2 emissions, promote a more balanced urbanization development and improve quality of life in cities in both China and Germany.