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This knowledge platform supports the technical exchange and information dissemination on the topic of mobility to aid the quest for the sustainable, low carbon development of the transport sector in China.

In China, transport accounts for about 10 percent of total carbon emissions, contesting its sustainable development. Recognizing the challenge of rapid urbanization, motorization and increasing passenger and freight transport volumes, China is committed to limit the growth of its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Besides implementing low carbon transport policies, China aims to achieve additional sustainability benefits, such as better air quality, reduced congestion and improved road safety. GIZ, which serves as a link between the German government and Chinese stakeholders, follows the Avoid-Shift-Improve (A-S-I) approach to promote alternative mobility solutions and develop sustainable transport systems: Avoid or reduce the need to travel, shift to or maintain the share of environmentally friendly modes and improve technology, the energy efficiency of vehicles or lower the carbon content in fuels.

Our work focuses on the following four areas:

Facilitate dialogue

Facilitate Dialogue

Exchange of knowledge on relevant topics for the sustainable mobility transition with stakeholders from governments, academia and business.

Support Strategy Development

Support Strategy Development

Strategy development for the decarbonization of the mobility sector in China and Germany.

Assistance Technical Implementation

Assistance Technical Implementation

Realization of pilot projects in partner cities and identification of best practices in China and Germany.

Provide Policy Advice

Provide Policy Advice

Drafting analyses and coordinating research on the regulatory framework regarding sustainable mobility transition

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Martin Hofmann

Martin Hofmann

Head of Cluster
Sustainable Transition – Infrastructure & Cities, Mobility, Energy, Environment & Circular Economy
Sebastian Ibold 2

sebastian ibold

project director
Sino-German Cooperation on Low Carbon Transport
china coordinator
NDC Transport Initiative for Asia

Alexander von Monschaw

Project Director
Sino-German Cooperation on Mobility and Fuels Strategy (MFS) as a Contribution to the Mobility and Transport Transition


Project Manager

Safety Improvements for the Transport of Dangerous Goods in China