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Freight & Logistics

Efficient freight transport and logistics systems are essential for our everyday life. But freight transport also contributes significantly to climate change and air pollution. Growing e-commerce, parcel and food delivery volumes cause more freight and delivery trips and thus more emissions. To make freight transport and logistics more sustainable, holistic approaches are needed. Promoting intermodal transport and shifting freight transport from the road to rail and inland waterways is equally important as the electrification of freight transport and the efficient management of freight fleets. In addition, strong efforts, standards and regulations are needed in order to make freight transport more reliable and resilient and to make the transport of dangerous goods more safe.


Facts & Figures

0 %
of CO2 emissions in the Chinese transport sector are caused by diesel (freight and logistics) vehicles
0 %
of PM emissions in the Chinese transport sector are caused by (freight and logistics) diesel vehicles

News & Articles

A Study on the Promotion and Application of New Energy Logistics Vehicles in China

The study identifies the key challenges of NELV adoption in China, provides a detailed analysis of future trends and application scenarios, and outlines a set of comprehensive policy recommendations for promoting NELVs in the development of a low carbon urban delivery sector. In order to produce these outputs, the study has examined China’s current NELV development status, conducted a stakeholder analysis, carried out local investigations in five pilot cities of the Green Urban Freight Pilot Programme and interviewed stakeholders from the city of Zhangjiakou.

Zero Emission Freight Initiative Launched at WNEVC 2022 in Beijing

On 26th August 2022, GIZ together with Smart Freight Centre (SFC), Energy Foundation China and other institutes have co-hosted the Zero Emission Medium and Heavy-Duty Commercial Vehicles Forum at the World New Energy Vehicle Congress (WNEVC) 2022[1]. The Zero Emission Freight Initiative (ZEFI), industry voluntary platform, has been launched at the Forum.