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Efficient freight transport and logistics systems are essential for our everyday life. But freight transport also contributes significantly to climate change and air pollution. Growing e-commerce, parcel and food delivery volumes cause more freight and delivery trips and thus more emissions. To make freight transport and logistics more sustainable, holistic approaches are needed. Promoting intermodal transport and shifting freight transport from the road to rail and inland waterways is equally important as the electrification of freight transport and the efficient management of freight fleets. In addition, strong efforts, standards and regulations are needed in order to make freight transport more reliable and resilient and to make the transport of dangerous goods more safe.


Facts & Figures

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of CO2 emissions in the Chinese transport sector are caused by diesel (freight and logistics) vehicles
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of PM emissions in the Chinese transport sector are caused by (freight and logistics) diesel vehicles

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Kick-off Workshop – Study on the Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) in the Field of Urban Logistics Distribution

In recent years, freight volume in China has been increasing on average by almost 15 percent annually. The total freight volume in 2019 was 47 billion tons and increased nearly 9 fold compared to 5.3 billion tons in 1990. In particular, growing e-commerce activities and food and parcel deliveries have entailed a massive increase of delivery trips and hence transport volumes. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has even further accelerated this development.

Intermodal Transport: The key to decarbonize freight transport

reight transport in China accounts for about 700Mt of CO2 emissions. This is about 67 percent of the country’s total transport-related CO2 emissions, with road freight transport accounting for the highest share. In comparison, Germany’s total CO2 emissions in 2019 were about 811Mt.

In its bid to make freight transport more efficient and climate-friendly, the promotion of Intermodal Transport has high priority for the Chinese Ministry of Transport (MoT).