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Insights from China: How can we decarbonise the transport sector?

During the global online conference Transport and Climate Change Week 2022, the Sino-German Cooperation on Low Carbon Transport (CLCT) project was pleased to invite Mr Xu Honglei, vice president at the Transport Planning and Research Institute (TPRI) of the Ministry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China, to share insights on the key challenges and ongoing efforts in decarbonising China’s transport sector, and the steps needed to stimulate its green development.

According to Mr Xu, emissions from road vehicles form the absolute majority of emissions from the transport sector, accounting for approximately 87%. The main driver for more profound emissions reduction in China’s transport should be optimising the structure of transport modes and their energy composition. The core path is twofold: decarbonise energy use in transport and achieve intelligent and efficient passenger and freight transport. See more in the video: