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Research on the Setting of Temporary Loading/Unloading Zones for New Energy Logistics Vehicles in Chancheng District of Foshan, Guangdong Province, P.R. China

Recognizing the importance of the ease of use of urban logistics vehicles, and current challenges that they face relating to parking, this study considers the new energy vehicle (NEV) promotion needs in urban freight sector, examines the potential of having dedicated loading/unloading zones for these vehicles, and focuses on solving problems of parking them in difficult contexts. The study has developed a scientific planning methodology for the development of loading/unloading zones dedicated to the use of new energy logistics vehicles (NELVs) and uses Chancheng District in Foshan as the research setting to examine the scheme. The study findings can be used as a reference for other cities in China to promote their own initiatives in the setting of dedicated loading/unloading zones for urban logistics vehicles.