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Environment and circular economy transition in China


To facilitate the Chinese-German dialogue on environment and biodiversity and to accelerate the waste transition both in China and Germany, this knowledge platform supports the technical exchange and information dissemination on topics of environment and circular economy. 

It was established, in order to promote the sharing of lessons learned and to raise awareness among stakeholders for the challenges to be overcome in the environment and circular economy sector in China. 

The priority areas of cooperation include environment, biodiversity, agriculture waste, industrial waste, municipal waste and marine and river litter, with projects specifically targeting the plastic management in agriculture and the management of marine litter as well as introducing biomethane technology and integrated waste management solutions. 

Facilitate International Exchange

Facilitate International Exchange

Network between stakeholders including policy makers, enterprises, academia to enhance communication between China and Eu in the field of waste management and circular economy.

Pilot Best Practices

Pilot Best Practices

Provide technical support and demonstrate best practices to promote green and circular evolving of waste sector in China.

Provide Policy Recommendations

Provide Policy Recommendations

Cowork with partners and sectoral stakeholders to draft standards or provide policy recommendations with the goal to improve waste management and circular economy.

Carry Out Capacity Building and Awareness Raising

Carry Out Capacity Building and Awareness Raising

Cultivate and spread the concept of integrated waste management and circular economy to the practitioners and social public.

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Martin Hofmann

Martin hofmann

Head of Cluster
Sustainable Transition – Infrastructure & Cities, Mobility, Energy, Environment & Circular Economy
Qian Mingyu 8MB

Dr. Qian Mingyu

GIZ Waste Management and Circular Economy Team

Dr. Christian Stärz

team leader
Sino-German Environmental Partnership Team

Dai Min

Project Manager
Sino-German Environmental Partnership

Hou Jingyue

Project Manager
Sino-German Alliance for Advanced Biomethane Technology and Sino-German Project for Upgrading Plastics Management in Agriculture


Project Manager
China Integrated Waste Management NAMA Support Project and Rethinking Plastics - Circular Economy Solutions to Marine Litter