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Environment and circular economy transition in China


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source reduction and reusables of plastic packaging in the online express delivery industry in Hainan Province


The main objective is to promote the sharing and reusable packaging for delivery companies and e-commerce logistics in China.
About 80% of plastic packaging waste is expected to be reduced in the demo area. In addition, the project is also targeted for compiling the sharing and reusable packaging standards and explore the possibility to expand such mechanism to the whole delivery industry.


  • Understanding the current status and future trends of the use of express delivery packaging materials and related waste generation in Hainan province (baseline assessment)
  • Promoting the sharing and reusable boxes in typical demos in Hainan province
  • Optimization and utilization of the online digitalization tracking system of the reusable boxes
  • Establishment of standards and guidelines for reusable packaging
  • Conducting interactive awareness raising activities for reusable packaging


  • Baseline report (2021.03)
  • Improvement report on increasing reusable frequencies (2021.06)
  • Reusable packaging and its sharing standards compiled (2021.12)
  • 2-3 public awareness raising activities (offline) in pilot cities (by 2021.12)
  • Pilot practice summary report (2022.02)

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LIU Xiao

Dr. Liu Xiao
National Coordinator

Rethinking Plastics—Circular Economy Solutions to Marine Litter

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german cooperation

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