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Prevention of marine litter in Shanghai ports


The pilot project is to enhance the ship waste management in Chinese ports by improving procedures for ship waste collection, transport to land-based treatment and final disposal facilities. Through the pilot, the ship waste collection rate will increase by 10%.


  • Research on ship waste management situation and policy framework in China; best practice summary of European SWM

  • Investigation and assessment of pilot ports in terms of ship waste composition and quantity, technical and financial aspects of SWM procedure; conduct satisfaction survey of crew members and other stakeholders

  • Improvement report on SWM for two ports and pilot implementation

  • Dissemination of pilot experience, pilot summary and policy recommendations


  • Assessment report on SWM status-quo at Shanghai Port (2021.03)
  • Recommendations for improved SWM for Shanghai Port (2021.07)
  • SWM Manual of Tianjin Port (2022.02)
  • Pilot final report (2022.02)

Contact person

LIU Xiao

Dr. Liu Xiao
National Coordinator

Rethinking Plastics—Circular Economy Solutions to Marine Litter

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