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Reduce marine plastic litter by fishing-for-litter schemE


To reduce marine plastic litter through assisting and encouraging local fishermen to bring back waste caught in their fishing nets to the fishing port for further treatment.


  • Develop the incentive mechanism and establish the operation procedures of FfL scheme based on baseline investigation and evaluation
  • Pilot practice of FfL scheme including two implementation periods
  • Dissemination and promotion of pilot experience
  • Carry out awareness raising activities regarding waste collection targeting fishermen, policy maker and other stakeholders during the whole project


  • Analysis report about current situation of pilot areas (2021.02)
  • Incentive mechanism plan report of FfL scheme (2021.02)
  • Policy recommendation and pilot final report (2022.02)

Contact person

LIU Xiao

Dr. Liu Xiao
Country Coordinator

Rethinking Plastics—Circular Economy Solutions to Marine Litter

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