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Environment and circular economy transition in China


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Promotion and application of reusable and shareable Standardized Integration Containers (SIC) in Qingdao


Based on the application of SICs in the fruit and vegetable trade in QWCND, the project will summarize experiences and best practices, and provide reference for plastic waste reduction practices and future policy making.
40,000 SICs are to be used in agricultural trade and commerce in pilot company, which will reduce 2.5 million disposable plastic bags/cases/boxes during the project period.


  • Baseline investigation and evaluation of SIC application environment in Qingdao
  • Pilot practice:
    • o Monitoring and data analysis of pilot implementation
    • Conduct trainings and public workshops on the SIC application pilot
  • Pilot summary and dissemination of pilot experience to other cities, provide policy recommendation


  • Benefit analysis and progress report on pilot project of the promotion and application of SIC in QWCND (2021.10)
  • Standard recommendations of reusable and shareable SICs (2021.10)
  • Policy recommendations for the promotion and application of reusable and shareable SICs (2021.12)
  • Pilot final report (2022.02)

Contact person

LIU Xiao

Dr. Liu Xiao
National Coordinator

Rethinking Plastics—Circular Economy Solutions to Marine Litter

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