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Innovate mulch film collection mechanism in Kailu County, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region


To improve the collection, recycle, and treatment of waste mulch film by encouraging the use the thicker mulch film. Based on the cost calculation, the project will submit policy recommendations on adjustment of agricultural subsidies, which will contribute to the reduction of mulch film waste in rural areas.


  • Baseline investigation and evaluation on the mulch film use and waste situation in Kailu County
  • Local ceremony to supply thicker mulch films (0.012 mm) to farmers
  • Mulch film used in 4000 mu pilot farmlands (266.68 hectare)
  • Collection of waste mulch film
  • Evaluation and summary of pilot practice, policy recommendations

Contact person

LIU Xiao

Dr. Liu Xiao
National Coordinator

Rethinking Plastics—Circular Economy Solutions to Marine Litter

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