Policy Brief – China’s Roadmap towards Circular Economy: Insights and Outlook

Circular economy (CE), a new way of creating values and consumption, has won increasing attention from business, governments, and citizens. China, as a mega country, also spotlights on this topic and has unveiled national policies. This policy brief is to present a whole picture of CE policy in China as well as to bring up some observations and insights.

Rethinking Plastics Project | Final Results

Nowadays we enjoy the convenience of single-used plastics, which consume too many resources. Collection and recycling of plastic products still lacks, while unmanaged plastic waste is leaking into the ocean. Sometimes we really forget the fact that we only have one planet. Rethinking Plastics – Circular Economy Solutions to Marine Litter Funded by the European […]


Although the use of polyethylene mulch film has contributed greatly to agricultural production and the safe supply of agricultural products. Its long-term application has also brought about problems of mulch film residues, which have damaged soil structure, stunted crop growth and affected farming operations. In the face of new problems, some new opportunities have emerged, […]

Relevance of Conventional and Biodegradable Plastics in Agriculture(Chinese Version) 传统塑料与生物降解塑料在农业生产中的相关性

This report supports the European Commission’s potential policies for agricultural plastics and the construction of a framework for biodegradable plastics. Focusing mainly on the end-of-life issues of these plastics, it identifies the potential environmental impacts of conventional and biodegradable plastics, especially their improper collection, low recycling rates and the effectiveness of their biodegradability. It also […]

Comparison of Traditional and Biodegradable Agricultural Mulch Film Used in China (Chinese Version) 中国传统地膜与全生物降解地膜的比较研究