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Environment and circular economy transition in China


Straw clean-heating is being promoted in Northern China

China has abundant crop straw resources. According to statistics, the annual resource utilization is about 837 million tons, and about 137 million tons are not effectively utilized. In recent years, the Chinese government has attached great importance to the problem of clean-heating in the northern regions and encouraged the promotion of biomass heating technologies such as straw in rural areas to replace traditional raw coal combustion and alleviate air pollution.

Institute of planning and design of the Ministry of Agriculture, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Henan Agricultural University and other research units have proposed three types of villages and towns in northern China, such as single-family heating in decentralized villages, central heating in central villages, and centralized gas supply in suburban villages and towns. The mode and technology path have broken through the key technologies of straw pyrolysis, bundling, and clean heating developed a series of complete sets of equipment and formulated industry standards to provide a systematic solution for straw clean heating in northern villages and towns.

The project team established a straw charcoal cogeneration clean-heating demonstration project in Xingtai County, Hebei Province, to supply gas to 550 households, with a pyrolysis gas calorific value of 18.8 MJ/m3 and a gas tar dust content of 2.4 mg/Nm3. In the Chaoyang County of Liaoning Province, a demonstration project of straw-bundled clean-heating was established to heat the surrounding primary schools and 80 households. The thermal efficiency was 84.6%, the NOx emission concentration was 93 mg/m3, and the concentration of soot particles was 22 mg/m3, which achieved clean heating. According to the evaluation of professional institutions, the main technical and economic indicators have reached the international advanced level. The promotion and application of this technological achievement promoted the clean heating in the northern villages and towns, promoted the comprehensive utilization of straw in northern China, and was conducive to improving the rural living environment.

Waste and Circular Economy Transition in China